Just4keepers Cares About Our Players

Great quote From New York Cosmos Goalkeeper Jermaine Fordah, Stating J4K Care About The Players. Thanks For Kind Words, Jermaine. J4K - PROD TO BE DIFFERENT!

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How To Improve Your Goal kicks Physically And Mentally

How To Improve Your Goal kicks Physically And Mentally using Visualisation;

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US Soccer Foundation charity cause

Great to see J4k florida and j4k coach Rick Zee helping children less fortunate. J4k with the help of Rick donated 20 pairs of J4k gloves to the US Soccer Foundation charity cause....

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Just4keepers Goalkeeper Gloves Kenya

Just4keepers want to say a huge congratulations to African goalkeeper Patriq Matasi for winning the Kenyan premier league golden goalkeeper glove award. J4k supplies most of the professional goalkeepers in Kenya and on top of helping kenyan professional keepers, the goalkeepers involved with Just4keepers are helping...more

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The cutest J4K goalkeeper Picture Ever

This has to be the cutest J4K goalkeeper we have had the honour and pleasure of wearing the J4K gloves 

Below Is An Amazing Picture of J4K Student Kaylee Who Is From California USA And Is The Youngest Player In her Team ?


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Congratulations To J4k Professional Keeper Joe Day

A massive BIG congratulations to Just4keepers pro goalkeeper endorsee Joe Day whose Newport County team knocked out footballing giants Leeds United in the FA Cup this weekend!!!!

Joe Day who has made some very impressive performances already this season for Newport helped his team with this impressive win with a team that is FIFTY FOUR places above them in the English league table.

Joe Day Sporting his J4K Goalkeeper Gloves

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FREE Goalkeeper Videos Helping Young Goalkeepers

You may not know but J4K has a free video section helping goalkeepers and parents - Please See The AMAZING impact one of our videos had on this young goalkeeper:

Hi Ray -Just to say Enzo was released from Charlton at the beginning of this year for being to small (at the age of 10!!) he was devastated and said he wanted to give up football. After support and encouragement he has built himself back up again and it has made him stronger. All of your videos have really helped him/ in particular the one for small goalkeepers!

Thanks for being a good role model and for the support and encouragement you give young goalkeepers.

Also he says your gloves are great too!!
Danielle (Enzos mum)

To see our free videos, goto https://j4ksports.com/ask-ray-newlandand the video in question re small goalkeepers in number 4 in the list -  J4K - PROUD TO BE DIFFERENT 

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-Travis -Worra-

Great Words from -Travis Worra Keepers everywhere, My Signature gloves are finally here! So cool to be able to design and rock these BAD BOYS Myself!, They're tight, But Light with an adhesive gel inside the glove for even better grip. Best Gloves iv ever worn! #Just4KeepersUSA #J4KTeam #StrongLastLine #BestGlove

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Kendrick Green wearing j4k keeper gloves

Here is a great picture of kendrick wearing his  favourite kit and goalkeeper gloves. 

He always wears Just4keepers gloves because he likes the fit and performance, as a parent, and as a parent I also like the price and durability.

kenrick in his Just4keepers gloves

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WWE AND GK FANS Check Out The Bar Wrestling Duo, With The Legend Kurt Angle

WWE AND GOALKEEPER FANS – Check Out The Bar Wrestling Duo, With The WWE Legend Kurt Angle, Wearing Their J4K Goalkeeper Gloves At Man City Football Stadium.

you might have to fast forward to see some amazing penalty saves.

THE BAR wearing their just4keepers goalkeeper gloves

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