Many Just4keepers customers do not know this but one of my main passions is helping people find their full potential and I help businessmen and women all over the world achieve success.I REALLY do believe in training your mind to be positive, it has worked for me and literally thousands of people I have trained over the years, many of these guys have been my goalkeeper students and goalkeeper coaches.

So if you are a goalkeeper (or a parent helping your goalkeeper child) and you want to know the art of using your mind to achieve your dreams... I would like to give you my ebooks, completely free of charge.People pay me thousands of pounds and or dollars to mentor them, so please do not take the help and advice in my books with a pinch of salt, because I am offering you this information for free.

What I teach in my books, is what helped me to become a professional goalkeeper, so I believe my books can help any goalkeeper (or parent trying to help their goalkeeping child) achieve their dreams.All I ask if you do take me up on my offer to get my ebooks for free is pleased ACT ON MY ADVICE. And if you are a parent, please try to pass on my advise to your goalkeeping child.

Also, if you know somebody who needs help to move their life forward, please pass them this webpage so they too can get this free information.. which could help them change their life. With Love - Ray Newland (Founder Just4keepers)



How To Decide What To Do next With Your life 

One of the reasons why most people live lives of quiet desperation and end up in dead end jobs that they hate, is not because they lack education, skills, talents and dreams to achieve greatness.

Most people have these skills in abundance and as simple as this sounds, what holds most people down is they simply do not know what they want to achieve in life.

Dream Believe Plan and ACT is four words that can change anyone’s life for the better, like it has mine and thousands more.

These four words were also used by Walt Disney to build his amazing empire and bring his vision to life for millions of people around the world.

So if you want to achieve greatness in life for yourself, start with Dream Believe Plan and ACT!



How To Master Failure

Next Shot Matters is about the success traits I was taught as a professional goalkeeper (soccer) on how to deal with and master failure, to turn this into success.

After my soccer career come to an end through injury, I then used these same success traits on how to master failure to succeed in several business that I have created over the years.

No matter where you are in life, Next Shot Matters will show you a very simple process on how to help you achieve the results you want by turning your failures to success. And with the helpful action plan within my book, this will help you give you focus to achieve long term success.
After reading my book, you will never be afraid of failure again.

Ray Newland is an ex-professional soccer play(goalkeeper) who played professionally for over a decade before injury halted his career early when he was aged just twenty-eight.

After his soccer career, Ray went on to build Just4Keepers, which at the time of writing, is the leading and largest goalkeeper school in the world, operating in over 30 countries and across every continent.

He has also built a substantial property business, is a published author, business coach and a motivational speaker who has helped thousands of people around the word change their lives for better.

Ray believes the secret to successful life is implementing a series of success traits by making small changes on a daily basis using the power of your mind.