Over our 20 plus years of coaching tens of thousands of goalkeeper students within our Just4keepers goalkeeper training schools around the globe, we have always asked our students this very simple, but VERY powerful question. And that is...


'Do you want be and average or an above average goalkeeper

Obviously most of our students state above average, and many of them are because of the hard work that they put into developing their goalkeeping abilities. But we have met thousands of goalkeepers, who state they are above average but do not even bother to train and develop as a goalkeeper.

This depends on what you want to achieve as a goalkeeper, but if you want to achieve great things, whether to become a professional and or semi professional goalkeeper, play for the best team in your league etc... and maybe even gain a college scholarship throughout the US. 


f you are not doing something EVERYDAY to develop your goalkeeping, you will fall into the below average goalkeeper in terms of work ethic. Now when we say you must do something EVERYDAY, this does not necessarily mean training on the field, as you obviously need to rest. But and so, on your rest days, there is no reason why you cannot be watching goalkeeper training videos, and or improving your mindset etc...

You see, out of the thousands of goalkeepers Just4keepers has helped to achieve their dreams, without a shadow of a doubt, the goalkeepers did something EVERYDAY to improve their goalkeeping, there was no secret why they had success and achieved their dreams. 

However, doing more than the average is alot harder than what most people think (this is why most people and goalkeepers, do not work harder than their peers and become an above average goalkeeper) -


So for you goalkeepers (and parents) who want to work harder than your competition and become above average, we strongly advise you download FOR FREE a copy of our best selling book HOW TO BECOME BETTER THAN AVERAGE.

Simply goto https://j4ksports.com/j4k-ebooks and scroll down until you get to book number 4, and download your copy for free.

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