Shipping and Delivery

What is pre-order?

When a new range of J4K gloves gets launched, sometimes we can sell out in a matter of days, so if this happens, we will put the next batch of J4K gloves on what we call preorder. So this gives our J4K members an opportunity to pre order in advance, and when the gloves are back in stock (normally within 2 to 4 weeks), we will immediately ship out any pre ordered gloves to J4K members who have ordered, before these gloves go on general sale to the public.

How does shipping and delivery work?

Once an order is placed, the J4K team will carefully pick and pack your order that same day, or the next day depending on what shipping method you picked. You will receive your shipment between 1 and 5 days in the UK depending on what shipping option you chose, and outside of the UK between 2 and 8 days. USA is also between 2 and 8 days, depending on where you are located nationwide.

How do I track my order?

After we pass your order to the courier, we will send you a shipping confirmation email which will have a ‘Track Order’ button. This will take you directly to their website so you can follow the live tracking updates! If you do not receive your tracking order straight after ordering, do not worry as you will not get your tracking order email /number until your courier picks up you order from our warehouse.


Your order has not been delivered?

If you have not received your order, maybe it was lost in the post for example, even though this is very frustrating, please do not worry as we are here to help. Simply just go to  and follow instruction. Also please note, as soon as your order leaves our warehouse, this is out of J4Ks hands and we have no control. However we will work with the courier company on your behalf to get this issue dealt with as quickly as possible. It normally takes a few days, so please be patient.

We also understand it can be very frustrating when your parcel goes missing, and like we said above, just please be patient and let the J4K team work on your behalf. It is important that you do not get abusive, as we have zero tolerance to abuse and especially bad language to our staff. So please be respectful as the J4K team are on your side, and are trying to help you.


Can I change my shipping address?

Yes 100%. Provided your order has not shipped, please send us the new details as soon as you realise the mistake, and we can change this over for you.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, apart from a few countries, we ship international’s and have warehouses in USA, UK, EU and Canada.


Product Questions

How are the J4K products packaged? 

Even though most courier delivery drivers are very courteous when delivering, we have all experienced on the odd occasion a delivery driver, shall we say who has not been respectful to the package they have delivered. So J4K always endeavours to make sure our packing is waterproof, solid and secure.


Size Guides

The J4K gloves and clothing, will be similar to other goalkeeper companies sizes you may have purchased from, but if you are not sure, check out pages/j4k-size-guide


Care Instructions

It is super important that you wash and very importantly dry your goalkeeper gloves correctly, so we have created this page for you.


Are the J4K products a fair price?

Our products are beyond fair in price. In fact our products can be anywhere between 50% to 75% cheaper that the so called big brands, even though the materials and specifications are exactly the same. This is why over 500,000 goalkeepers and parents of goalkeepers trust J4K.


Do you offer wholesale or bulk purchase discounts?

Yes, if you want to order more than 50 items, please contact J4K.


Can I send an order as a gift?

Yes you can. You simply place the order, and when at check out the order form asks for the shipping address, simply put the name and full address, including post / zip code of the person who your gift is for - and make their day!


Returns and Exchanges

Do you have a returns policy?

Yes of course 😊 We offer returns for 30 days from date of delivery/receiving of order. However, not all items are eligible. For example personalisation, so please make sure you follow the guidelines before you opt for personalisation.


How long do I have to return my J4K product(s)?

30 Days. Please refer to our returns policy for more information.


Can I return my order for a refund?

Yes, as long as it is within 30 days. Also, all products must be returned in new condition with the J4K packaging also intact and as new.


Can I exchange my order for a different product?

Another glove caught your eye? You can certainly return your J4K product to us for an exchange provided it is returned within 30 days and the product and packaging is still new and not damaged.


Do I have to pay for returns?

Yes, just like if you purchased a product in your local town centre shops, you would have to spend the time and money to return to the shop for either a refund or an exchange, and the shop will obviously not cover this expense.

So it is the same when returning products online, however it is much more cheaper and less time consuming returning products via courier. Please see our returns page for instruction.


How long does it take for my return/exchange to be processed?

We normally process products that land in our warehouse the same day, but it can be upto 48 hours, just as long as we do not have to assess the product(s) for damage(s) because this will add extra time onto our workload and the time frame. We normally refund and or sort out an exchange within 72 hours of receiving a returned product, just as long as we do not have to check for damage etc.


How long does it take for my refund to be processed?

We normally refund within 72 hours of receiving a returned product, just as long as there is no issues with damage. From there, it will take 2-5 business days to process into your account, depending on your bank.



How secure is your payment?

Your privacy and security is our highest priority. We use Shopify Payments which is an extremely secure and highly encrypted system designed to protect customers and also hold merchants accountable.


What payment types do you offer?

We accept credit cards (Visa/Mastercard/American Express) as well as debit cards that can be used for online transactions. We also offer GooglePay and ApplePay.


Do you have payment plan options?

For customers who want to break up their payments to make it easier and more affordable to purchase from J4K, we use clearpay. This is a separate company to J4K and you will need to create an account, at check out with clearpay.


How do I use a discount code?

Simply head to the checkout, and on the first page of the checkout there will be a box for you to enter your discount code in - make sure to click ‘Apply’! This is offered before the payment page so you’re totally aware of how much you can save.


I forgot to use my discount code!

Do not worry, simply contact the J4K team at and they will be happy to help correct this for you.


What currency is the store in?

At present we accept Euro, British Pounds and US dollar. If you want a currency adding, please contact J4K.


Contact Us

I have an issue with my order, what can I do?

If you have ANY issue, please do not worry contact the J4k team ANYTIME, we are here to help!


I need to cancel or change my order!

Please email immediately with the subject line CHANGE or CANCEL and we will do our absolute best to carry out your request. If it has already been dispatched from our warehouse you will need to go through our returns process.

As we do our best to get your orders out to you as soon as we can, occasionally an order will be processed before the team has a chance to change it. We cannot guarantee a change of order after the order is placed so please select your items carefully and contact J4K quickly if you realise you need to make a change.


How do I contact you?

Either use our instant chat which you will see live on our website and or contact J4K here: pages/contact

Also, when you contact J4K, please be patient, as our staff work Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, like most. So please give the team at least 24 hours to respond (not including weekends)


How do I provide feedback?

We love getting emails and or tagged into social media posts. So if you are happy with J4K, please post out on social media, and or email your feedback to our contact us page.

You can also go to the product page where you bought your product and leave a review. Please note: if you leave a image and or video review, you will get a discount code as a thank you.


Where are you located?

Our J4K HQ located in the UK, but we do have warehouses in USA, Canada and EU

Our warehouses are not retail stores so we are unable to offer collection at any of our warehouses.

Emailing list

Want to hear about new arrivals or be first to hear about our sales? If yes, register and or subscribe today. Please Note: You do not have to purchase anything to get access to our excellent email service on everything goalkeeping


Gift Cards

Where can J4K Gift Cards be purchased?

The J4K Cards are available now on our website. These are available to purchase for yourself or as a gift for someone special. Simply select any pre-selected value from a range up to £200 / $200.


Can I purchase an J4K Gift Card with a discount code?

Because our Gift Cards are like digital cash, we are sadly unable to offer discounts while purchasing a Gift Card. However, the recipient can use a discount code when redeeming their Gift Card.


What happens if I do not spend the value of the Gift Card?

There is no need to spend your whole Gift Card in one go (even though it may be difficult not to). The balance remains on the card to be used another time, but it must be used before the card expiry date.


Can the gift card be used in conjunction with a discount code?

Absolutely! We want you to get the best discount possible at every turn, even while using a Gift Card. Simply enter the discount code in the same box as your Gift Card code.


Refunds, Exchanges and Cancellations

Cards cannot be refunded for change of mind Cards cannot be replaced or refunded if lost, stolen or altered Balances remaining on the card at expiry cannot be refunded


What happens if I have more than one Gift Card?

You can use an unlimited number of Gift Card codes in a transaction.


What happens if the item I want to buy costs more than my Gift Card?

The Gift Card can be used up to its value and the remaining balance can be paid with another payment type.


I don’t have enough credit on my Gift Card to buy the item I want. Can I top up my Gift Card?

Unfortunately, Gift Cards cannot be topped up.


How long are Gift Cards valid for?

You have 1 year from the date of purchase to use your Gift Card on our site. So plenty of time.


What happens if there’s a balance left on the card when it expires?

The balance left on your Card will expire. Sorry, we warned you. 🙂