Roll Finger Goalkeeper Gloves

Roll finger goalkeeper gloves are one of the most popular type and traditional cuts currently available today in soccer goalie gloves. These gloves get their name "roll fingers" from the fact because the backhand attached to the palm and does not use gussets.

The outcome is that the latex rolled or curved around the fingers, provide excellent latex contact with the ball. This makes roll finger cuts great for players who like to have a tighter feel and more contact with the ball.

While it provides a comfortable feel, some may feel it is a little larger or "bulkier" cut when compared to negative type gloves.

Additionally, there is a great demand for roll finger goalkeeper gloves with enhanced finger protection with goalkeepers from grassroots level to professional opting to wear this glove cut.

If you are looking for a good quality Roll Finger Goalkeeper gloves, then our article will definitely help you make you decision.

Let's take a closer look at the most important things when choosing Roll Finger Goalkeeper gloves.

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Roll finger Goalkeeper Glove Cuts

There are four major components of soccer goalkeeper gloves: the backhand, palm, closure, and fingers. These four factors protect goalkeepers' hands from injuries and improve their performance on the pitch.

The Four Components of a Goalie Glove:

  • Backhand - When a goalie punches the ball, the backhand of a glove protects his hand. Typically, the palm and backhand are joined by the glove's body and finger gussets.

The quality of the backhand varies, with materials of greater grade costing more and those of poorer quality costing less. Consequently, the thickness and material have a direct bearing on the level of protection it provides.

  • Palm - The palm of the goalkeeper's glove enables the goalkeeper to capture the ball. Therefore, gloves with great grip are the best choice for goalkeepers of all ages and skill levels. Yeah, Of course, there are more factors that go into the decision-making process, such as comfort and durability.
  • Closure: When searching for gloves, goalkeepers must also consider the closure. The closure describes how the glove is put on and taken off the hand, as well as how securely it fits. There are different kinds of closures, and each one can change the level of comfort a goalkeeper feels.
  • Fingers - The fingers are the last but not least. In fact, they are the most essential part of goalkeeper gloves, since they enable goalies to capture and secure the ball. Some goalies prefer looser fits, while others prefer tighter fits, which is determined by the cut and size of the glove.

With these four factors in mind, the above are the buying criteria that players should think about when picking a glove that provides the best protection and comfort.

Maybe you've already chosen your favourite glove cut, or perhaps you're still searching. If you're unsure about your glove cut preferences, keep reading:

Features of Roll Finger Goalkeeper Glove Cuts You Should Know

  • Traditional and highly popular in youth departments and in training.
  • Roll Finger goalkeeping gloves have withstood the test of time and continue to worn by goalkeepers around the world today.
  • Most roll finger gloves are comfortable and have a good grip. They are an excellent option for goalkeepers who like a tighter fit.
  • Roll finger goalkeeper gloves offer the advantage of having a larger area of latex for the ball to grip into, resulting in more successful fingertip saves and a better chance of plucking the ball out of the air after a fierce cross.
  • Most Roll Finger gloves are somewhat arced, which means the latex palms wrap around the curve of the ball and absorb the impact of hard blows.
  • Also, the design without gussets makes the shape around the fingers a little bit strange.
  • Whereas the design is greater than the Flat Palm cut, the Roll Finger goalkeeper glove is still many goalkeepers top choice.


To help you choose the best roll finger goalkeeper gloves, we've selected the best brands on the market.


It is well known that the Roll Finger cut is one of the most popular goalkeeper glove cuts, which is known to provide a better feel in the hands than a Negative Cut or Hybrid glove.


Here is a list of roll finger goal keeper gloves from various brands for goalkeepers who like a tight fit.

i. J4K Pro Roll goalkeeper glove

Suitable for goalkeepers who want a lighter glove that works well in wet conditions.

ii.J4K Elite roll finger glove

The J4K Elite RF glove combines exceptional comfort, efficiency, and grip. This bright glove has a soft foam palm with roll finger cut for safety and comfort.

Also, the J4K Supersoft RF has a textured Shock zone for pushing power.

iii. J4K SUPA Roll Finger Glove

The J4K Supa glove is designed for a tight, comfortable fit to help you obtain the optimum grip on the ball.

The long elastic wrist band with a burst of colour underneath and latex beneath the hand offers the impression of a continuous extended palm. So, you always feel in charge of the game.

iv. J4K Shok Shield goalkeeper glove Roll Pro

For goalkeepers who refuse to let the weather affect their performance. The 4mm Shok Shield touch latex palm on the J4K Roll Pro prepare you to perform the save in moist conditions.

v. J4K Diffusion Roll Finger

Professional Goalkeepers seeking pure grip and greatest control might consider the J4K Diffusion roll finger Cut glove. The Diffusion Special Cut has a very breathable backhand, a smooth thumb or index finger, and an all-weather grip palm.

The rolling unique surround cut provides catch-ready fingertips; these gloves prepare you to save when you need them.

Test Your Gloves to Find the Best Cut

Finally, the best soccer goalkeeper gloves are a matter of personal preference. Some cuts fit your hand size and give you more ball control, but there are no restrictions.

The only rule is to choose gloves in which you feel the most comfortable. With that in mind, don't be hesitant to test out various options to figure out which ones feel and fit the best.

Also if you are still unsure, J4K and Just4keepers have coaches over 500,000 goalkeepers across 37 countries since 1998 and as a rule of thumb, coaching so many goalkeepers, that keepers with thin and slender hands/fingers are more suited to roll finger goalkeeper gloves.


Choosing a pair of goalkeeper gloves might be challenging, but after reading this article, your decision should be much easier. Well, it is most suited to goalkeepers with thin, delicate hands or fingers and don’t worry they are made with high quality materials perfect for the most elite players. Hope, this article has provided you with some insight into the roll finger goalkeeper glove decision-making process.

Written by ray newland

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