If you want to return your J4K goalkeeper products, you DO NOT need to email J4K, please follow the steps below.

IMPORTANT: If you want to return your goalkeeper gloves, because of wear and tear on your palm, please CLICK HERE and watch / read our advice, because like every other goalkeeper glove company, we cannot guarantee our glove palms because there is too many factors out of our control that can speed up the process of wear and tear.

So please CLICK HERE and read our quick explanation guide about wear and tear on palms, and or check out our terms and conditions page before returning goalkeeper gloves re wear and tear.

For a refund and or exchange to be considered, you must return your product(s) because J4K needs to physically check any returned product( s), so re our terms and conditions, we cannot accept images emailed in to make our decision to refund and or exchange.



In your returns package, please add a note that states, all your contact details, including your order number.

Please add a brief note, explaining why you have returned your product, and what your ideal outcome is.

IMPORTANT: So the J4K team can deal with your return as fast as possible, please make sure you do the above, because if you do not, this can severely slow down the team trying to help you. If you miss out any information,  it is not the J4Ks team responsibility to get in contact with you to find out why you returned your product.

At J4K, we want to give you the best customer service we can, so please help J4K to help you, by following this advice.

We also strongly recommend you return your product(s) by recorded delivery, because if J4K does not receive (and sign) for your return, J4K is not responsible for any lost product (s) while in transit to our warehouse.



(UK and Rest Of The World) - J4K SPORTS: PK Marine,1 Perimeter Rd, Liverpool L33 3AY, United Kingdom -

(USA) Ray Newland, 472 Amherst Street, Unit 7580060, Nashua, NH 03063

IMPORTANT: The above is not a shop or an address where people can visit, as our warehouse(s) are deep within a secured industrial compound with 24/7 security. So please do not personally visit or try to drop off your parcel as unfortunately you will be unsuccessful as security (which is out of our control) cannot and will not allow public access.


Once you receive conformation that your returned product(s) has been received by J4K, if you are returning a brand new product for a refund or exchange, J4K normally respond within 48 hours, and deal with your return within this same time frame.

Please Note: This does not include weekends.

If you are returning a product because you think there maybe a fault, even though J4K endeavours to still deal with the return within the 48 hours, this might take up to 5 days when we are checking potential faults.

Please Note: Again this does not include weekends.

IMPORTANT: We know that there is always a concern when returning a product if you think there is a fault, as you are hoping the company will be fair with their decision.

So we want to rest assure any J4K member that we are always fair when coming to a decision when a product has been returned for a potential fault. Hence why we have been in business for 25 years, and one of the most trusted goalkeeper gloves brands globally.

If you are unsure about the above, CONTACT J4K ANYTIME and we will only be too glad to assist you.