Best Junior Goalie Gloves

Have you been having problems deciding whether Junior Goalkeeper gloves would be suitable for your child? Do you require assistance selecting junior goalie gloves? There are many different sizes, designs, materials, and specifications for goalkeeper gloves on the market, which can make it hard to choose the right gloves for your child.

You want a young goalkeeper to be protected in the goal and wear the proper gear, right? Your child’s performance on the field would reach new heights with the help of the Junior Goalkeeper Gloves.

We heard you, and we have you covered.

This blog tells you everything you need to know about junior goalkeeper gloves. So, if that sounds interesting to you, read this blog post all the way through.

Looking for the best junior goalkeeper gloves? 

Here are the top goalie picks from Nike, Puma, adidas, and more. The majority of players only need to worry about selecting a nice pair of football boots and a reliable set of shin protection when they are on the field. However, junior goalkeepers must also consider another gear: the gloves.

Goalkeeper gloves aren’t only for style; they also aid players in a sport where hand contact isn’t frequently required. A good pair of junior goalkeeper gloves is especially important for kids to keep them safe from injuries and to have fun.

We’ve put together a list of the best goalkeeper gloves for kids that you can buy today, depending on what you want from your game.

Best Junior Goalkeeper Gloves

Why Do Goalkeepers Wear Gloves?

Gloves are made so that hard-hitting balls don’t hurt the palms, knuckles, and fingers. They also assist goalkeepers’ wrists when they fall. It is not merely a fashion statement for goalkeepers to wear gloves that give protection and comfort. The goalkeeper in this sport is not allowed to use his hands.

The palms of goalkeeper’s gloves are made of a material that aids in catching and throwing the ball. Gloves for goalkeepers are available from leading manufacturers such Uhlsport, SP, Nike, Adidas, Rinat, Reusch, J4K, Puma, and others.

What size gloves do junior goalkeepers need?

Children’s goalie gloves come in a variety of sizes based on the age group, unlike adult sizes. A one-size-fits-all rule is probably less useful because a player who is seven years old will require a different size glove than a youngster who is thirteen.

Gloves are usually sized on a sliding scale from 3 to 11, with most children’s sizes falling between 3 and 8. Here is a rough guide to the sizes each age group needs:

Age Size

5-8   3-4

9-13   5-6

Best Junior Goalkeeper Gloves

Why do Junior Goalkeepers need gloves?

Without gloves, goalkeepers run the risk of suffering major injuries. This is bad regardless of the player’s age, but it may be a terrible experience for kids, and an injury might discourage them from playing football in the future.

Junior Goalkeeper gloves enhance game performance and fortify the hands with additional grip and padding – ideal for ensuring that young players are not intimidated by the often-intimidating chore of stepping between the goalposts.

How do you know which one to choose:

The four considerations should be kept in mind when purchasing gloves. There are four parts of gloves that you need to think about when buying them.

  • Fingers– Since the goalie’s fingers are the first line of defence, you should choose gloves with flexible, plastic grips that offer the best protection from sprains and other injuries.
  • Backhand- It assists in protecting the hands when hitting the ball because of the latex cushioning and thick padding layers.
  • Palm- The palm is used to grab and hold the ball, and it comes in two different textures: Smooth palms are better for the tournament because they have a clingy substance that makes it easier for players to grab the ball.

Additionally, dimpled palms appear to be the ideal for practice because they are simpler to grasp onto and stay a lot longer.

  • Closure- The closure is the area of your palm that tightens the gloves around your hand. There are three distinct types, including bandages, hook and loop, and v-notch.
Best junior Goalkeeper Gloves

Keeping that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best junior goalkeeper gloves on the market for young players.

J4K Thermal Junior Goalkeeper Gloves

This is among the greatest new goalie gloves for youngsters. If your child is looking for speed, the X Speed gateway are the gloves for them. They are lightweight and comfy. To fill the goal, your prospective goalkeepers require speed, and the X Speed portal goalie gloves keep them quick and on the ball with a lightweight backhand and a Soft Grip palm, allowing for effortless movement.

adidas Predator Edge Finger save Goalkeeper Gloves

The best overall goalie gloves for children. These gloves are the adidas Predator Edge, particularly for enhancing kids’ comfort levels. These children’ goalie gloves include sturdy spines on the fingers that help with throwing with confidence and stopping shots.

  1. Kipsta Kids Football First

The Football First model from Kipsta, which costs less than some alternatives, will do the trick if you’re looking for a decent deal on a pair of goalie gloves for kids. Because of its rolled finger design, it is less likely to blowback and suffer a serious injury from a high-impact shot.

  1. J4K Xpro Junior Goalkeeper Gloves

This is one of the best goalkeeper gloves for children in terms of retention. A high-velocity ball hurts, as any player would attest, and a goalkeeper without reinforced gloves will attest that your hands are particularly vulnerable. However, the F500 Shielder intelligently disperses the impact and helps to deflect the strikes.

  1. Nike Jr Goalkeeper Match

The best goalie gloves for kids to use in all kinds of weather. You won’t be able to choose the weather while you play, but regardless of the conditions, the Junior Goalkeeper Match will always help you keep your saves under control. With mesh panels that help keep air moving and foam pads that work well in both dry and wet conditions, it will make sure that cool evenings and rainy afternoons won’t throw you off your game.

  1. adidas Predator Match Finger save Goalkeeper Gloves

The junior Predator Finger save is a reduced-size version of the popular gloves for adults, and it’s designed with the idea that if you can’t complete a catch, striking the ball away will often do just as well.

  1. Just4keepers Junior Goalkeeper gloves

The top-notch goalie equipment available for youngsters. Are you trying to get a set of gloves that would be excellent for passing the ball? The Puma Ultra Grip is the greatest option available for punching the ball away from goal in preparation for a counterattack or diving low to make an excellent save.


We’re glad you’ve reached this point and hope you’ve gained a better understanding of Junior Goalkeeper Gloves from this article. You must consider the points we’ve covered while looking for junior goalkeeper gloves in order to get the one that will fit your youngster the best. Please keep in mind, though, that your child will probably have to try on a few different pairs before finding the perfect fit.

Written by ray newland

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