Kids Goalie Gloves

Looking for the best goalie gloves for kids?  Kids’ goalkeeper gloves are ideal for any goalie, whether they are just starting out or are looking to enhance their gear.

Kids Gloves for goalkeepers for people who are interested in football and the goalie position in particular, for whom goalkeeper gloves are more than simply a tool, for those who live and breathe football.

With the Goalie Gloves for kids, you can get the best quality for the little champions on the snow. Especially for children, protection during a race or workout is crucial. Protective components on the knuckles avoid hand injuries and allow the young athletes to concentrate on training and competition.

Consider the specific skills required of goalkeepers today and explain how a multisport approach can aid in the development of important skills and physical traits in young goalkeepers.

Looking for kid's goalie gloves for your little player?

When your son or daughter wants to be a goalie, the first thing you think about as a parent is how to choose the best goalie gloves. Or if you're already a goalkeeper, what criteria should you use when choosing goalkeeper gloves for training and tournaments?

Another dilemma many parents face is whether to purchase protective or non-protective goalie gloves for their children. As a goalkeeper, there is always the possibility of hand injuries, so it is important for children to have quality gloves.

Goalkeepers risk serious injury if they do not wear gloves. It's not good for any player, but it's especially bad for children, who may not want to play soccer anymore if injured. This will help improve your play and protect your hands. This is great for making young children feel safe enough to walk between the goalposts, which can be a scary thing to do. With this in mind, there are the best goalkeeper gloves currently available for kids.

Why it's important to pick the right size

It shouldn't be a guessing game to find the right size goalie glove. The proper fit allows young goalkeepers to make greater ball contact, while the comfort of a proper fit removes distractions.

If a goalkeeper's gloves are excessively snug, they will compress the hand and cause discomfort. In addition, the excessive tightness can cause the material to deteriorate and the gloves to tear or split. If the gloves are overly loose, goalkeepers will have inadequate control over the ball, and their performance may suffer as a result.

The best fit is between a little loose and tight. Also, keep in mind that different goalkeeper glove designs offer more or less room to match your child's preferences and level of experience.

How to measure palm size for kids’ goalie gloves?

Choosing the right size of soccer goalkeeper gloves for kids seems like an easy task. Determining the correct glove size for a child is no rocket science, but many soccer moms and dads struggle to find gloves that meet their child's needs. Let's see how parents determine the hand size of their child.

How to Measure Palm/Hand Size?

Measuring the size of soccer goalie gloves is pretty straightforward. All you need to start is a measuring tape. 

  • First, use a tape measure to find the size and shape of your kid’s hands at their widest point.
  • Typically, this entails measuring below where your finger ends and above your thumb.
  • Measure the length in inches. At this time, you should not include the length of their fingers.
  • Round the number up to the nearest whole inch. Include an additional inch in the rounded measurement. This will be the size of your kid's goalie gloves.

Here's how it seems in practice

If your child's height is 7.80 inches, you would round the measurement up to 8 inches. To fix the size of your goalie, add one inch to the rounded value. Therefore, you would add 1 inch to the 8-inch measurement in this case. The goalie glove size for your youngster is a 9.

Sizing Guide of kid’s goalie gloves

Most soccer goalie gloves will be the right size for your child's hand. Using our sizing chart, you will be able to find the correct goalie gloves for your kid.




















Now, if you don't want to measure your child's hands, you can use an age- and height-based goalie glove chart. However, keep in mind that they do not apply to every player of a particular age or height.

Choosing the Right "Cut" for Your Kid

A Glove Cut simply refers to the design and stitching of the palm and fingers. There are different kinds with different qualities. Some are tighter than others, some have more latex on the ball, and others have a "true" feel, among other things.

There are a lot of different designs, styles, and cuts for kids' goalie gloves, so no matter what you like, we have you covered. For example, there are negative cut, finger save, and hybrid cut styles.

Goalie Gloves for Kids

Most players on the field only need to worry about picking out a good pair of football boots and a strong set of shin pads. However, goalkeepers must consider another item of equipment: gloves. There are the top selections from Nike, Puma, adidas, and more brands.

Gloves for goalkeepers are not just a fashion accessory; they are designed to aid players in a sport where the hands are rarely used. A good pair of goalkeeper gloves is especially important for kids to keep them safe and have fun.

We've put together a list of the best goalkeeper gloves for kids on the market right now, based on what you want from your game.

How to Care for Your Kid's Gloves

One of the most common mistakes that parents make is failing to wash the gloves. There are no overstatements that can be made about the significance of washing gloves before and after each match.

Here are the most important points of how to wash gloves.

If you don't do this, your child's gloves will dry out, lose their grip, and have a much higher chance of tearing.

  • Before you use your new gloves for the first time, wash them and let them dry naturally according to the washing instructions on the package of Glove Care guide.
  • When you wash the latex, the water in your sink should turn yellow. This shows that you got rid of any preservatives in the latex, which are used to keep the latex fresh. If you want to be certain, a second pre-wash is advised.
  • During use, moisten the palms of the gloves with water so that the latex palm provides the optimum grip and durability.
  • Ensure that they are washed and allowed to dry naturally after use; allowing latex to dry out will cause it to become brittle, reducing its durability and grip.


Goalie gloves are a very important piece of equipment after all the kids. Kids goal gloves are designed to be loose and you can find the proper size to fit your child through measurements, asking a professional, or simply by trial.


Written by ray newland

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