Fake Goalkeeper Glove Reviews

Over the weekend I had a little time on my hands, so I did what most people now do, and that is scroll through google just wasting and killing time, and this is when I come across an ad for ‘The best top 10 goalkeeper gloves of 2021’ :) Yeah I know!

Now I NEVER read reviews like this, because it is normally some clever online guru promoting products they have NEVER used, but they promote because they get a big fat commission.

Anyhow, as I had time to kill, I thought I would click and see if this truly was a genuine glove review, and maybe J4K was in this top 10 from this so-called expert :)

But it was no surprise that it was all the so-called big-branded very high priced goalkeeper gloves, with an affiliate link to Amazon. (And affiliate link, by the way, is when someone gets paid to promote a product) this is one of the many reasons I and everyone I know, never shops at amazon.

Some of these gloves this so-called expert was promoting was selling for £80/$100 and seriously we have gloves in the J4K range for £29.99 / $34.99 which are sooooo much better!

Now before some moronic keyboard warrior with nothing better to do with their life starts warming up their fingers to state I am only writing this out of sour grapes, I am writing this to prevent goalkeepers and or parents from getting conned by these types of false reviews.

Because sadly far too many people think these reviews are genuine and end up paying far too much money, trusting a person who has NEVER used the product they are promoting.. oops sorry reviewing,

If these people had actually tested these gloves for say 8 weeks in training and game situations, I would say ok fair enough they have tried and tested, so they can give their HONEST feedback. But when they have not tried and tested, this is when I think it is wrong.

SO WATCH THE VIDEO I HAVE DONE FOR YOU… and let me know your thoughts after watching? And also let me know below if you too have fallen for the type of review in the past, because truth is known, we all most probably have at some point in our life.

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Fake Goalkeeper Glove Reviews

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