There is a lot of goalkeepers who wonder whether they should, or should not wear finger save goalkeepers gloves. Especially parents of goalkeepers, this can be very confusing for them. My advice on wearing (or not wearing) finger save goalkeeper gloves, is a little different to most who may advise you. First, I want to say that I am not a big fan of finger savers, but without contradicting myself, I believe there is a time and place to wear finger save goalkeeper gloves. Coming back from a figure injury is one example. Also, some strong advice for parents of goalkeepers who buy finger savers for their child. Even though I understand why you buy these gloves for the thought of extra protection. But a child (and adult) wearing finger savers all the time, can have a negative effect. Which can cause A LOT of problems for goalkeepers. But rather than me write a big long essay to explain, please watch the short video below. You will be glad you did if you are not sure to wear finger save gloves or not

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