So in this quick video, I'm going to be discussing on how you deal with the haters of this world, especially on social media and the keyboard warriors. So I actually got emailed a question about three weeks ago, from a parent of a goalkeeper, whose goalkeeping child did a training exercise video in his new pair of J4K goalkeeper gloves, put it out online to generally help other people, and unfortunately the keyboard warriors were out in style.

I am all about people having their own opinion, because obviously we all have our own thoughts on goalkeeping, goalkeeper gloves and goalkeeper training but when someone is just being downright nasty, there is no need for that.

But I have got completely no time for bullying whatsoever, and this what this div keyboard warrior was doing to this poor kid. Now thankfully the social media platforms, and the powers that be that run the social media companies, are now getting better at policing these types of morons online, but it's still happening. But if you are getting the keyboard warriors attacking you online, I'm just going to give you some sound advice here.

And that is to feel sorry for the moronic keyboard warriors, pity them and completely ignore them, as these losers are not worth one second of your time!

So the first thing you need to do, seriously guys, as basic as this sounds, is just to ignore these losers. The mistake that a lot of people make... And I have done this in the early days. When I played professional football and I use to play in front of thousands of supporters each week as a professional goalkeeper, and I got hurled every bit of abuse you can imagine. And that was just my home supporters guys :) Only joking.

And the mistake I made is that I put these people shouting abuse on a pedestal, because I actually thought they were important. But as I slowly realised my mistake that these morons meant nothing in my life, I simply did not listen to anything that they said. When I learnt how to deal with these idiots while playing, I would spit on my goalkeeper gloves, smile and feel sorry for these haters and I never gave them a second though and or any of my energy.

And when I get attacked by the keyboard warriors online, who are just simply cowards hiding behind a laptop, again I just feel sorry for them and do not even bother comment on their nasty words - because they are not worth one second of my energy because I have too many positive things going on in my life.

And I recommend you do the same with these keyboard warriors. 

Don't give them your energy, seriously guys. The first thing you got to realise, is when someone’ is making a nasty comment to you whether on or offline, that there is something missing in their lives. So for them to make a nasty comment about you, it's because they are not achieving, or they are not happy with whatever is happening or not happening in their lives, if that makes sense?

So what you've got to do immediately, instead of putting these guys on a pedestal and thinking, "Who's this guy? How dare they?" the first thing you want to do is think, "Ah, the poor so-and- so, I feel sorry for them, they must be failing in life” Seriously, please, please, you need to feel sorry for these idiots.

Because after all, nobody is bothered by a nasty word coming from a loser are they ??

I promise you, the biggest problem when someone gets a nasty comment from a keyboard warrior, is they put them on a pedestal. BUT as soon as you start putting them on a pedestal, they win because you think these haters are important - and they are not!

So instead if you have a keyboard warrior attack you, simply feel sorry for them! Because as soon as you feel sorry and or pity someone, this takes the sting out of their nasty comments, because you have now realised what an un important pathetic person, this hater actually is.

Another important tip is, if you get a nasty comment from a keyboard warrior is, is just delete their comments and ban them off your social media. Their comments are not a big thing, really it isn't. And that's the problem, when lot of people who get attacked by these haters, they make it a big deal, And they actually add fuel to the fire, and give these moronic keyboard warriors their moment of fame. 

So do not comment, and fuel the fire and make the hater feel important. Just simply delete their comment and ignore them. It is that simple. The problem instantly goes away!

And this will also anger the loser keyboard warrior because they realise that you felt they were so un important, that you did not even bother to comment. So this actually makes them feel a bigger loser than what they actually are!

If you're posting something online, whether it's you showing a pleasant experience that you're having, or you're trying to help someone, like this young goalkeeper was trying to explain how to clean  goalkeeper gloves and someone makes a nasty comment, that's not your fault guys. That's unfortunately the person that has made that poor comment. As I keep saying, there's unfortunately something missing in their lives. It's sad really.  And I do generally feel sorry for these people, because if they're having to go out their way to make a nasty comment about you, to make themselves feel better, can you understand the type of poor sad character they are? So basically, you need to feel sorry for them.

I also guarantee, what they say, 99.9% of other people online will not agree with this keyboard warriors words anyway. Because the majority of people online are decent people, and they don't want to see these haters and keyboard warriors knocking anybody. So please don't think for one minute that the whole internet is laughing at you. I promise you, 99.9% of the people online will not be impressed with this keyboard warrior.

I know it is really simple advice I'm giving here guys, but honestly don't put these losers on a pedestal. That's the mistake most people make. You have to look at them for who they are, you need to feel sorry for them, seriously just ban them and do not give them one second of your thoughts and time!

And just put your energy into your own life!

So keep sharing your content, keep sharing the love guys, no matter what these keyboard warriors have to say, because I promise you 99.9% of the people online are not interested in what these idiots have got to say anyway. 

All the best. Keep sharing the love guys.

Ray Newland
Written by admin

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