Congratulations On Becoming A J4K Ambassador.

Important, Please Watch The Below Video For Instruction.

Please remember to be considered to get free goalkeeper gloves, at least once per week you must.
  1. Post out one video and post out one image each week (To the J4K criteria)
  2. Tag J4k into this content: (J4k tags below)
  3. Send your video and image to the J4K ONLINE SKOOL (CLICK LINK)

Please Note: Once in the J4K SKOOL, please upload anything to the J4K Ambassadors section. Also this is where I communicate with all Ambassadors, so please do not email any questions - instead ask within J4K SKOOL.

To Get Your 50% OFF Ambassador Code: Please email me on and state, 'Ray ready to work with you'

IMPORTANT: As this code is tracked to your name, details and account, please do not share with anyone else because the code will automatically get cancelled if it senses more than one user.

J4K Hashtags.

Facebook: @Just4keepersgoalkeeping

Instagram: just4keepershq

Twitter: @Just_4_keepers

Tikok: @Just4keepers