If you follow J4K and you get our emails, you are probably sick to death of us harping on about the importance of goalkeepers wearing the correct goalkeeper clothing. 

Especially padded compression clothing you wear under your goalkeeper kit.

Not only does padded compression gear stop you from getting dead elbows and hips, this clothing also helps prevent grass burns. Which is super SUPER painful.

Seriously a bad grass burn can just be as painful as breaking a bone, so this is why we encourage goalkeepers (and especially parents of goalkeepers) to wear this very important goalkeeping tool.

One of the BIGGEST mistakes we see, is goalkeepers will try to dress like their favourite Pro keeper, which is normally a short sleeve shirt. But you cannot do this!!!!!

Because when pro keepers play, they are playing on pitches where the surface is soft and has been watered. 

Do you get this same quality soft playing surface, when you are playing on local fields? 

We rest our case!

The reason why we harp on about the importance of wearing this padded compression gear, is because this clothing does prevent injury and especially grass burns when you are playing on a poor surface!

So get padded up!

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